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Objeto: vdB 77 / 79 - Constelación: Monoceros

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Datos  / Dates

Objeto vdB 77 / 79
Fecha 6-12-2010
Lugar RGB:Áger-Lleida
Telescopio Orion Optics CT 8
Camara Canon 50d refrigerada
Nº exposiciones 20
Tiempo exposicion individual 600 Sg.
ISO 1600
Procesado Maxim DL / Pixinsight / Imagesplus

A wonderful group of reflection nebulae immediately west of the Cone nebula. IC447 is the large blue patch that contains two smaller nebulae inside: VdB 77 and VdB 78. North of this another bright nebulae: IC446.  Left from there three more reflections: the much fainter VdB 78 and finally NGC 2247 and NGC 2245

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